A data center is a facility which keeps a large number of web servers. The servers could be used for numerous purposes - hosting, file and image storage, computing, and so on. All bigger businesses which offer online services have their machines in one or numerous data centers since such a facility can provide the necessary conditions and security for the info located on the machines. This includes environmental settings for the temperature and humidity so as to ensure the optimum performance and long life of the servers, backup generators, hardware monitoring and last, but not least, physical security and safety as to ensure that that your data can't be accessed by an unauthorized third-party. A badly performing data center can very easily undermine the services which a firm offers.

Data centers in Cloud Hosting

Our cloud hosting servers are housed in 5 of the biggest data centers around the globe located in Chicago (USA), Coventry (UK), Pori (FI), Sofia (BG) and Sydney (AU). We provide the exact same level of service everywhere as our advanced cloud hosting platform is available in all five of them, but for your convenience, you will be able to choose the one you prefer. The uninterrupted functioning of your websites shall be ensured by effective diesel backup generators and a number of backbone Internet Service Providers which every one of the facilities employs in the respective country. The data centers have knowledgeable support teams that keep track of all servers 24/7 and due to the fact your websites shall be hosted on our sophisticated cluster platform, you could be sure that you shall enjoy speedy and consistent service at all times. All 5 facilities can be found on the order page, so you'll be able to select the one closer to you or to your target area.

Data centers in Semi-dedicated Servers

We offer our effective semi-dedicated server solutions in five data centers on three continents in order to make sure that no matter where you or your visitors are situated, your websites will always be accessible at high speed. Colohouse in the USA, UK Servers in the United Kingdom, Amaze in Australia, S3Company in BG and Ficolo in Finland are the facilities that you'll see on our order page and you shall be able to opt for each of them with a mouse click. We work with these data centers since they are among the biggest ones within their respective country and they all provide great infrastructure for the hosting servers which are part of the cloud hosting platform in which we generate semi-dedicated accounts. Multiple Internet providers with high-speed routes to numerous large cities on the 3 continents, an individual UPS unit for each and every server and powerful backup generators are just a few of the reasons to choose these facilities, not mentioning their expert support crews which are able to deal with any unexpected problem within minutes. We have been working with them for years and we have experienced first-hand the superb level of service they provide, which subsequently permits us to provide first-class web hosting services to all our customers.

Data centers in VPS Servers

Since we strive to give you the absolute best hosting service, we also offer you a choice where your Internet sites will be situated, so we offer OpenVZ VPS servers on three different continents and you will be able to opt for the data center location during the signup process. The featured alternatives are Colohouse in the United States, UK Servers in England, Ficolo in Finland, S3Company in Bulgaria and Sydney in AU, so you will be able to choose the one nearest to your target region. We've selected these facilities since they offer the finest conditions for the optimum performance of our web servers. The access to the hosting serves is ensured through the use of redundant Internet service providers while their uninterrupted work is guaranteed by diesel generators and a highly effective UPS unit for each individual hosting server. Our service guarantees are also dependant upon the latest generation of hardware that we employ, such as NVMe drives for the servers which will give your websites a massive speed boost in comparison to the classic HDDs. The standard of the service which we offer with the OpenVZ-based virtual servers is the same within all five data centers.

Data centers in Dedicated Servers

We have picked one of the largest data centers on earth for the dedicated server plans which we provide. The Colohouse facility in the downtown area of Chicago offers exceptional conditions for all web servers accommodated there and that's one of the reasons to select it for our web servers. The data center is one of the best locations to host Internet sites that target North America because it provides direct fiber connections with many cities across the US and Canada, so how quick site visitors will open your Internet sites shall depend solely on their Internet connection. Multiple ISPs and a 1.5 MW diesel backup power generator guarantee that your dedicated server shall be up and running at all times and that your Internet sites shall never go offline. The newest generation of Cisco network equipment and meticulously tested server spares along with a 24-7 support are also amongst the motives behind our choice to offer dedicated hosting in the Colohouse facility.